Photo gallery of pictures from Queer Criminologists all over the globe! If you would like to submit your own, please fill of this form:

Jace Valcore (he/him), PhD is a critical queer scholar who researches hate crimes and hate speech, policing, and LGBTQ issues in the criminal legal system. He serves in numerous capacities, including as the founding chair of DQC’s Constitution & Bylaws committee, MSCJ Program Director at UHD, on the Houston Independent Police Oversight Board, and as a queer competency/Trans 101 trainer. His shirt reads, ‘Knowledge is power’

Emily (she/her) is a Professor at Fayetteville State University and co-author of Queer Criminology (with Carrie L. Buist)

This photo was taken by Christina DeJong (she/her), who is a faculty member in the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University. The photo is of Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Taken during the annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology in 2016.

April Carrillo (she/her) is a doctoral candidate at Old Dominion University. Her scholarship focuses on highlighting the narratives of trans folx and the criminal legal system.