The Division on Queer Criminology is an official division of the American Society of Criminology.

The goals of the Division are:

  1. To encourage study in and the development of Queer Criminology,
  2. To connect faculty and student researchers studying Queer Criminology to enhance and improve research,
  3. To connect researchers with policymakers in order to make meaningful change for LGBTQIA communities,
  4. To share promising teaching strategies to better inform students on issues relevant to LGBTQIA populations.

In November 2019, a group of scholars met to discuss creation of a Division on Queer Criminology. This meeting took place during the annual ASC meeting in San Francisco, California. That year’s program featured a large number of papers and panels focused on Queer Criminology, and the need for a Division seemed clear.

In March 2019, enough signatures were obtained from ASC members to request a formal action by the Executive Board to create a Division on Queer Criminology.

While awaiting approval, committees were created to organize and manage the creation of the DQC constitution & bylaws, manage social media, organize networking events, mentor students, and prepare for the annual meetings.

We were officially approved on November 20th, 2020 by the ASC.

A leadership committee has also been created to oversee the activities of the DQC. The members are:

  • Angela Dwyer, Co-Chair
  • Meredith Worthen, Co-Chair
  • Skyler Morgan
  • Michele Stacey
  • Chris Wakefield

Let’s build something together.